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05 May 2010 @ 11:33 am
Hello everyone!

I'd like to show you the song of Ejrut, Belarusian musical band. The text of song Smyk was written in the XIX century by belarusian poet Francishak Bagushevich.

So, can you recognize music? ;)

Smyk is a violin bow :)
10 August 2008 @ 12:27 am
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    21 November 2007 @ 03:00 pm
    Defiance! presents..


    myspace.com/christtuk // christt.com

    Chris T-T is an English songwriter, acclaimed for vivid, outspoken, inventive songwriting and occasional bursts of withering sarcasm. T-T songs are fiercely literate, brimful of unique perspective and underpinned by a strong sense of place. He has recently signed up to Xtra Mile Recordings and label-mate Frank Turner often includes a cover of Chris T-T's "The Huntsman Comes A-Marchin'" in his live set.

    He's released four full-length studio albums, one live collection and a pile of singles and EPs. His most recent release, 9 Red Songs (October 2005), is a folk-protest mini-album. His previous two albums, The 253 (2001) and London Is Sinking (2003) form two-thirds of an as-yet incomplete trilogy about London.

    Chris has also played sessions on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 3, BBC6Music, Resonance FM, LBC, Selector for the British Council and various regional stations, and has headlined shows across the UK, toured mainland Europe and the United States, including the CMJ Seminar in New York and Glastonbury Festival. His support CV includes Ben Folds, British Sea Power, The Divine Comedy, Elbow, Tom Robinson, Brakes, Electric Soft Parade, Quasi, Emma Pollock (Delgados), Jim Bob (Carter USM), author Iain Sinclair, KT Tunstall, Madrugada, Hefner, Robyn Hitchcock, Ricky Ross (Deacon Blue) and many others. In 2004, Chris joined the Tom Robinson Band for Tom's annual Castaway Party at Battersea Arts Centre.

    Chris has written pieces for several books and articles for a number of magazines. He has composed a live re-soundtrack to cult Japanese movie Battle Royale, which was performed at Soho's Other Cinema and he's been commissioned to write music for an exhibit at the Natural History Museum.

    He has also read short stories on Resonance FM, written childrens' poetry for the BBC's Jackanory website and curated an evening of political documentaries at Greenwich Film Festival.

    "Outstanding. Genius. A modern-day Blake." - SUNDAY TIMES (top 5 albums of the year, 01 & 03)

    "A wry smile, a white-knuckle ride - and builds to a blistering climax. A folk wonder." - NME

    "A national gem of a songwriter." - THE INDEPENDENT

    "Genius songwriting." - THE GUARDIAN

    "Too many protest singers, not enough protest songs. Luckily we found the best one." - DROWNED IN SOUND



    After the dissolution of the enormously popular Torgas Valley Reds, Barry Peak (ex-Backwater) began playing solo shows around Belfast, opening up at punk rock shows with an acoustic set that saw his songwriting take a new, melancholic direction. Joined frequently by Niall Harden on banjo, guitar and drums, the two played for around a year as a duo with friends like Tanya Mellotte of Skibunny (formerly Barry's bandmate in Go Commando) helping out when they could. In April 2007 the two were joined by some friends from the Belfast rock-post-rock group Tracer AMC, and became Julip.



    My First tooth is the brain child (and love child) of One Toy Soldier's Ross Witt. Influenced and inspired by bands like the Eels, Okkervil River, The Good Life and Neutral Milk Hotel, Witt initially began MFT as a solo singer songwriter project with an unabashed adoration of modern indie folk. But, with an enthusiastic response from many local musicians (and the addition of violins and more vocals) it quickly developed into something else...something grand and with ambition but slightly awkward and unsure of itself at the same time.

    Witt's admiration for musicians like Joanna Newsom and Will Sheff shine through in his eloquent and lucid storytelling, which raises the whole project way above the usual singer songwriter dross. Yes, Witt can spin a yarn about a boy with a broken heart but he’ll do it so subtly and deftly that it will wrap you up in a blanket under the stars and enchant you like the first fairy tale you heard as a child. These songs can be a lullaby for lost and the lonely or a swift punch to the chest, but either way, we defy you not to be moved.

    "Simultaneously rough and delicate, MFT make music that’ll quietly ravage your heart, then give it a gentle stroke better. Killer pretty stuff" - XFM

    "There really is no reason why this guy cannot become the British Willy Mason." - SIZE



    Heliopause began with the quiet sketchbook tracks created by Singer/Songwriter/Artist, Richard Davis. They were low-key songs made up of layered guitar and vocals. Soft and haunting. Towards the end of 2005, Michael Kinloch (Tracer AMC) and Niall Harden (Iden Green) came on board and so Heliopause was formed, making their debut in February 2006. Their sound has been compared to the likes of American Analog Set and Grandaddy, and they have already supported acts such as Quasi and New York’s Jeffrey & Jack Lewis. Heliopause is still ever changing, taking the music to Berlin (and back again), with recordings planned and a forthcoming 12" EP release in the new year.



    Dolbro Dan aka Daniel Mulligan, is a 23 year old songwriter from Bangor, Northern Ireland. He plays Bob Dylan-esque alt-folk songs on harmonica and 'dolbro' resonator guitar, and has been busy all summer in the studio recording "Singin' Homemade Music" which is out now on Grab It & Run Records.

    "Don't miss acoustic folk-minded Dolbro Dan whose musical maturity belies his tender years" - BELFAST TELEGRAPH

    "Daniel's songs are simple but effective strummers with charming self-referential ruminations. There's a great sense of self-deprecating humour and fun with a keen handle on when to play it entirely straight too." - AU

    DOORS 8PM, £5
    (pay on the door)
    05 July 2007 @ 11:28 pm
    If you love Colin,come join Colin Latest,the brand new community for everything colin farrell.
    23 February 2007 @ 11:49 pm
    So. Excuse the potential creepiness of the question, and any spelling errors due to drunkenness.

    I'm all the way over in Perth, Western Australia and I've decided to make my life's work to get to this year's Oxegen because it seems to be my dream lineup.

    Since I'm actually traversing the entire globe to get to the festival, I feel like treating myself to luxuary and a fandom awesomeness. Does anyone know where the bands from the tour stay? to maximise my "oh gosh, I bumped into you at breakfast, sign this memorabilia" factor?

    I just figure if I shell out $AUD400 for a festival with all my favourite bands, I should totally max it out. :P
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    Current Music: My Chemical Romance -- You Know What They Do To Guys...
    11 February 2007 @ 08:21 pm
    Does anyone know when Oxegen 07 tickets go on sale?
    02 February 2007 @ 10:00 pm
    Two Step & Defiance! present..


    DOORS 9PM, £8
    (tickets available from Katy Daly's)

    www.myspace.com/hellisforheroes // www.hellisforheroes.net

    Hell Is For Heroes started out in 2000 on a dark autumn night in west London. In the pubs of Shepherd's Bush, talking about bands they love and hate, trading mutual tales of nightmare day jobs and discovering a bond between misfits. From their earliest rehearsals the only thing constant about the sound they made was the volume. The shows were chaotic, careless and full of shameless passion.

    Their acclaimed debut "The Neon Handshake" was released in early 2003 and earned unexpected critical praise from NME to The Guardian, including album of the year in Rock Sound and the dubious honour of a top 20 UK chart place.

    "Equal parts fury and celebration, an emotionally-fraught rollercoaster ride and the sound of a band searching for and finding its own voice." :- Kerrang, 2003.

    The band returned to the studio in 2004 on their own label with seminal punk producers Pelle Henricsson & Eskil Lvstrm (Refused, Poison the Well). The result was an album infused with a revolutionary punch and a deeper, darker side.

    "Gold-plated and with a granite core, the strongest and most glorious fuck you of the year." :- Rock Sound, 2005.

    With endless months of touring, Hell Is For Heroes have built a community of deeply loyal followers that has enabled them to become one of the only genuine self-sufficient rock bands in the UK. Drawing inspiration from Dischord to the Zapatistas, they continue to grow and reinvent themselves with every new song and every show. Through serious injury, reckless abandon and a rejection of almost everything they ought to do, Hell Is For Heroes have established a track record of unbreakable resilience.
    26 September 2006 @ 08:27 pm
    6 textless icons from the cover of "Home" by the Corrs:


    The rest are HERE, at my icon journal.

    Please read the rules at peacebloomings before taking preview icons.
    22 September 2006 @ 02:16 pm

    with support from:-
    Ninety Nine Knives
    9 In Affect
    @ The Bunker, Belfast
    Wednesday, September 27th '06
    Doors 9pm, Admission £5


    Since 2000, this Caerphilly/Cardiff fourpiece have been touring solidly and picking up press attention seemingly at will. First committed to CD courtesy of a production job by Lostprophets' bassist Stuart Richardson, a two-track single was released by local community project Pynci. Tour dates followed with a range of acts as diverse as Mclusky, Funeral For A Friend, Midasuno, and The Blueprint and since then their constant gigging schedule has also seen them share the stage across the UK and Europe with established acts such as Underoath, The Hurt Process, Dead Poetic, Beloved and Silverstein. A record deal with the influential Golf record label, home of bands such as The Get Up Kids and Less Than Jake, followed, with an EP, A Lesson In Dying (2004) preceding their 2005 debut album Auditioning My Escape Plan. Dopamine's incredibly melodic rock music has garnered them press across the board in the rock nationals, and radio play on Bethan And Huw on Radio 1 in Wales, Radio 1's Rock Show and Mike Davis' Lockup. Consistently bigged up by their peers in the rock press, and seemingly on a huge, never-ending tour, Dopamine are one of Wales' biggest rock prospects.


    One of the most hotly-tipped new hard rock/punk acts to come out of Wales in recent years, The Blackout are a heavy and intense sixpiece who combine furious drumming, soaring melodies and great crunching riffs. Their closest musical peers are Funeral For A Friend, as The Blackout take the sounds of the rockstars' debut album, make them slightly heavier and add even more screams. The genre of 'screamo' has rarely seemed so appropriate. A swift rise for this as-yet-unsigned band has seen them play shows with the likes of Funeral for a friend, Avenged Sevenfold, Dredg, Thrice and Hidden In Plain View, not to mention a place on the UK's biggest indoor rock festival - Give It A Name, joining Lostprophets, Angels And Airwaves, Taking Back Sunday, Goldfinger and Hundred Reasons.


    Both Dopamine and The Blackout have recently supported the Lostprophets on their UK arena tour. The Blackout are now out supporting Eighteen Visions whilst Dopamine prepare for their debut album release.
    12 September 2006 @ 03:29 pm
    hej folks,
    i just joined.

    next week i will be in ireland for the first time and also stay some days in dublin.
    can you tell me if there are some intersting concerts during next week or at least hint me to sites where i could find out on my own? or just nice pubs to hang out in the evenings?
    i'm into indierock/-pop/singersongwriter.

    thanks in advance!